Needs Assessment

Supporting Families in CVE Capacity Building (Indonesia)

Date 15 July 2019
Location Indonesia
In order to present the Supporting Families in CVE program to the relevant national authorities, identify potential recipients for the training, and to collect information for the preliminary contextualization of the curriculum and in efforts to build upon existing initiatives, Hedayah conducted a needs assessment visit in Indonesia. This program is supported by the Government of Japan.
The findings of the visit indicated that the first training should target social workers who have already received some professional social worker training and have experience in CVE. Therefore, the suggested recipients are the social workers based in the Handyani Center, as well as other community-based social workers responsible for reintegration.
Hedayah anticipates the first iteration and implementation of this training program in Greater Jakarta, with additional social workers joining from East Java (Surabaya), and potentially Central Sulawesi, Central Java, and West Nusa Tenggara among others. Stakeholders also recommended many other possible entry points and recipients for the program and highlighted the program’s timeliness and appropriateness.
Future iterations of the program, depending on the availability of funding, may also be appropriate for staff within the corrections system, including the women’s prison, locally-based CSOs, and social workers within other government ministries and agencies, as well as practitioners based in other regions not addressed in the first iteration.