CVE through Education: Project Development

Date 29 March 2015
Location UAE

From 29 March-1 April 2015, Hedayah and the US Institute of Peace hosted a joint workshop on the topic of education and CVE in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This workshop aimed to provide participants with a supportive and collaborative environment to either develop a new or strengthen an existing CVE through education project that is tailored to their context.

Participants identified local push and pull factors leading to radicalization and recruitment into violent extremism, and designed a program where education was utilized as a mechanism for delivering a targeted intervention. The workshop was highly interactive and practical with participants working in teams led by one of seven participants who attended the May 2014 course “Countering Violent Extremism through Education: How Schools can reduce the Threat.” The participants came from Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan.
The workshop also provided participants with opportunities to share their experience, knowledge and resources related to CVE as well as learn new approaches and tools. The course resulted in 7 project proposals that will be shortly ready for implementation. If you are interested in funding one of these tailored CVE and education projects, please contact